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All employers know the benefits of a healthy workforce

In 2008, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) estimated that 172 million working days were lost due to absence, costing employers 13 billion pounds.

There is a clear economic case for investing in the health of employees.The evidence base and examples of effective practice for promoting employee health and well-being are presented with respect to both organisational wide policies and working conditions, as well as individual-based prevention and health programmes.

Take prevention for example, or more specifically health improvement, the whole business of helping people to help themselves to better health and wellbeing. This can take the form of a wide range of actions to improve health and prevent illness by influencing the way we live, work, play and travel. It is a key domain of public health practice, and PHP Health First can help you to deliver.


Health Trackers

Blood Glucose Tracker: Blood sugar is a very important health measure in people with diabetes. Tracking your blood sugar helps to see how your medications, diet, lifestyle choices, exercise and other factors impact your glucose control.

Healthy Weight/BMI (Body Mass Index): Body Mass Index (BMI) is used to incorporate you height and weight into a standardised health measure. Tracking your BMI over time can help you better understand the impact of diet, lifestyle choices, medications, and exercise on this important health measure.

Weight Loss/ Weight Gain: Tracking your weight over time can you help you meet dietary goals or help you visualise how lifestyle, dietary habits, and other factors may be influencing your physique.

Basal Body Temperature: Basal body temperature changes during your reproductive cycle. Using this tracker and a very accurate thermometer can help identify your most fertile time each month.

Pregnancy Weight Gain: The growth and development of your baby is a dynamic time in your health life. Tracking your weight gain during pregnancy is a good way to monitor the progress of your pregnancy.

Exercise Routine: Regular exercise is one of the most important parts of Living Your Best. Tracking your exercise time and activity is a very good way to measure your progress.


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