LPG® Endermologie




LPG, which has a 25-year reputation as the uncontested leader in the treatment of connective tissue disorders, has also become a leader in the field of natural and non-invasive treatments. As validated by more than 80 studies and 200 scientific publications, these techniques are equally effective in therapeutic or sports-oriented applications.

They are used in over 100 countries, by an estimated 100 million more users – plus about 100,000 additional people every day! There must be a reason why… LPG invented and developed Endermologie® (which is Endermothérapie™ and Endermosport™), Lipomassage™ and Endermolift.™ These are all technologies for which treatments can only be realised by using authentic LPG equipment. LPG is also the creator of Huber Motion Lab, a veritable laboratory for the human body.


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