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Nathalie is a leading holistic beauty therapist from Paris. She uses her extensive experience and training to create her own unique symbiotic fusion of western and eastern massage styles, reading your body to provide holistic healing treatments.

Nathalie has worked in Paris, Monaco, Hong-Kong and London in professional Spas and in physiotherapist and osteopathic clinics.

After studying aesthetic-cosmetic treatments at Jeanne Gatineau, Paris, she ran her own clinic in the South of France working with clients in Monaco (Vista Palace).

Later she moved to Hong-Kong where she worked as a Beauty Trainer and as a Senior Therapist in the leading Spa in Central Hong-Kong. She studied eastern treatments, discovering Reiki and became a powerful Reiki Master.

“I believe you need to treat the mind and the body to show the best of ourself “.

Like you, your skin lives, changes, evolves and reacts.
To meet your skin’s evolving needs, specific cosmetic treatments are needed to correct your skin and compensate for damage from the environment, food, and stress.
The right cosmetic products will help protect and re-stimulate the skin’s functions, creating a total anti-ageing effect.

Nathalie’s treatments go beyond a mere facial – extending her holistic approach to relax your scalp, shoulders, arms, hands and feet.

The results – your skin is left luminous, stimulated and rejuvenated; your face is plump, awakened and visibly younger.


For dehydrated, sensitive skin, or mature skin – from £130 (90 mins)


Lifting and firming – from £130 (90 mins)


Moisturising – from £130 (90 mins)


Targeting specific areas of the face (eyes, neck), or full face
One zone – from £150 (30 mins)
Full face – from £350 (45 mins)


Leading new approach combining four procedures from France into one treatment
From £500 (c. 40 mins)


Specifically formulated for men’s skin, targeting the face and body, adapted as needed.
From £130 (90 mins)


Reshape eyebrows From £15
Waxing upper lips From £10
Eyelashes tinted From £20
Eyelashes eyebrows tinted From £15


Jet lag, tired, stressed, aching or any injuries or after surgery, …time to treat yourself and book a massage. All massages will end with hot towels smelling lovely essential oil to clean the oiliness from your hands and feet.


Hot stones massage which is one of the best to take a break is seen by a lot of people not as a luxury but as a necessity to maintain an healthy lifestyle.

A massage using a blend of aromatic oils and hot stones to help to improve your health. Particularly beneficial for arthritis, fibromyalgia, hypertension, musculoskeletal problems, muscle aches and fatigue, back pain.

90 mns. £130


This ancient method using a blend of fresh herbs balls compresses to treat muscles and soft tissue pain. The massage helps to improve blood circulation, boots energy , alleviates pain and inflammation by opening the pores and bringing medicinal heat to the muscles. The blend of fresh herbs helps to relieve joint pain and relieve stress and fatigue so a powerful healing and rejuvenating properties to relax tight muscles.

The aromatic scent with the finest Thai herbs will soothe and refresh tired bodies.

90mns. £130

RENEWING full body massage: for poor posture and computer use, after sport

The complete massage is recommended for people who needs a massage adapted to their specific need: poor posture, computer use, sport, back problems, etc

Recommended for people who needs a complete massage adapted of their need(relaxing, toning, back problems, deep tissue, Myofascial release massage…)You will get all the attention necessary for de-stress, muscles spasms, back problems, neck and shoulders….Nathalie will work with you to read your body to detect tension or specific focus area.

Recommended after any surgery.

60mns. £100

90mns. £130


This massage uses unscented massage oil to treat lower-back pain, sensation of heavy legs, tiredness and stress. A perfect and safe treatment for expectant mothers.

60mns. £100


Based on reading and stimulating different zones of your feet, this stimulation can help various health issues corresponding to your organs. This Japanese art massage is both relaxing and promotes better overall health. This treatment can be very beneficial for swollen ankles and feet.

60mns. £100


(you can contact Rosa our Dietitian – Nutritionist for a maximal result for slimming or feeling better in your lifestyle and Mesotherapy with Doctor Hamida-Pisal.)

Using SPECIFIC AROMATIC OILS and LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE techniques, this treatment can help reduce water retention and leave you feeling lighter. This treatment can help orang-peel effects on thighs and bottom.

The best effect with 10 sessions (2 to 3 by week massage):

60MNS £100

5 sessions £450

10 sessions £950


( for slimming you need to contact also our Dietitian-Nutritionist Rosa for an optimal result and Mesotherapy with Doctor Hamida-Pisal.)

A pseudo- medical treatment to release toxins and reduce retention of water in the body. Beneficial for slimming, detoxification, stress release and cellular rejuvenation. No oils required or few drops of Geranium oil.

60mns. £100

5 sessions £450

10 sessions £950


The most relaxing massage having after jet lag or exhaustion day with work or difficult time. The aromatic oils help to release the stress with Camomile, Lavender and others calming oils ,included some Reiki healing will help you to rebalance the stress in your body.

60mns £100

90mns £130


DO YOU HAVE 30-minuteS? perfect TIME after a stressful day. Designed to RELAX DEEPLY your mind and body with a choice of aromatic oils to suit your current state of mind. RELEASING the burdens of everyday life.

30mns £50

60 mns. £80

Following all massages: using hot towels enriched with essentials oils to clean hands and feet and some drinks like water or herbal tea will be provided.

REIKI is a very old Japanese art used to rebalance your chakras (the word chakras comes from the
ancient Indian language of Sanskrit which means vortex, spinning wheel or circle) which are the
major centres of spiritual power in the human body.
A powerful healing will flow during this treatment to clear blockages in your body (anger, sadness,
frustration, grieving, loss, unhappiness, stress, sickness) and help you relax and release.
This healing treatment also helps you to de-stress and detoxify.
90 mins – from £130

This treatment is gentle, non-invasive, sustainable and is the safest way to promote health by using
life itself.
Bioenergy is the life sustaining force of the universe. There is no life without Bioenergy. Keeping
the immune system in good working order is the only way to prevent illness and ensure your body
stays healthy – energetically, physically, and emotionally. Every cell is surrounded and supported by
this energy which also acts like a miniature wire, providing both a blueprint for the physically body
and as an information network between the body, mind, and spirit.
60 min – from £130

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