PHP Corporate Health Guidance

PHP Health First can offer your organisation a bespoke service to increase your well at work portfolio for all your employees. We recognise that your employees are your biggest asset and by investing in their well-being you as an employer can reap the rewards through Targeted occupational health provision and well@work campaigns, Personalised reports which may encourage change and generate lifestyle improvements, Corporate reports to assist you in targeting keys areas across your workforce from our results, Healthier and fitter workforce, Recognition from employees that their employer values their personal health and well-being, A confidential and individually tailored service, The possibility of reduced health insurance for your company and/or your staff.


Key Features:

- Full medical history and lifestyle questionnaire

- Height and weight measurement

- Body Mass Index

- Body fat percentage

- Waist to hip ratio

- Blood pressure measurement, Urine analysis, Cardiovascular assessment & Cardiovascular risk score 



Followed by:

- Full clinical examination and consultation.

- Discussion on findings and those test results that are immediately available.

- Counselling by the doctor on preventive health actions.

- Detailed lifestyle coaching and a personalised action plan.

- Case management of any health issues identified during the session.

- Written personalised report (by post or online) including your lifestyle programme with all relevant information sheets within two weeks of attending.


PHP Health First take a pro-active and personalised approach to designing sessions and clinics in the workplace in order to meet your needs. This is our most in-depth health assessment and gives a clearer picture of your general health and wellbeing with an extra focus on cardiovascular health and risk profile. Using the full range of the very latest health assessment technology.


If you are interested in enquiring about opening a new corporate account with us, please call 07917 411 641. If you already have an account with us or would like to make a direct booking, please call our bookings number on 07798 900 511.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements further and a representative will visit you to plan the next steps.

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