Assessing your risk

Assessing your risk

Understand the ways in which PHP Welness can help you to become as healthy as it is possible for you to be.

We can calculate your CardioRisk Score and see how you compare to 100 people of the same age, gender and race as you. Obtain your risk of: -Coronary heart disease -Familial hypercholesterolaemia -Established hypertension -Diabetes mellitus

CardioRisk Score



Realise just how healthy you could be and follow the PHP Health First plan to become as healthy as is possible for you to be and be aware of the impact of your lifestyle on the main health risks of today.

Based on a representative sample of 100 people of the same age, ethnicity and gender, you will be scored based on current state of health relative to the sample: The person at the front will be in need of medical attention right now. Whilst the person at the rear will be as healthy as they can be. Find out with PHP Health First where you will be in that line-up. The PHP Health First CardioRisk Score system provides you with an easy to understand and visual representation of your current health status including the state of your general health, heart disease, stress, diabetes and nutrition.

By improving your CardioRisk Score means that you can take positive action to improve your health.

PHP Health First systems are designed to help you easily understand what you need to do to improve your health and your CardioRisk Score and we can provide you with all the support, advice and motivation that you require.

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